Why Kaishen?

Kaishen helps companies to ensure the success of
their share ownership plans by supporting beneficiaries,
from attribution to the realization of the plan.


In an increasingly pronounced war of talents, start-ups, large groups and more and more SMEs and mid-cap companies are encouraged to implement employee share ownership plans to attract and retain employees. motivate and reward their employees.

of employees plan to change jobs in 2019
(Study Hays – Hellowork - 2018)
of employees have chosen their employer considering their shareholding plan
(Barometer Ekwity - 2019)

The alignment of interests in the line of sight

The implementation of BSPCE plans, stock options or free shares is a response to the need to align interests between employees and shareholders.
It is also the share of the remuneration that is potentially the most transformative for employees.

The success of the plan: a challenge for the company

Setting up an employee share ownership plan is a real investment in time and finances. To expect a return to the height, the company must ensure the understanding of the plan by all and in its various dimensions.
A poorly implemented plan can be totally counterproductive and undermine business cohesion.

Employee perception

The reasons and methods for allocating employee share ownership plans are often poorly understood by employees. Added to this is the difficulty of understanding the variety and complexity of existing devices.
Without accompaniment of the beneficiaries, the complexity prevails...

Beneficiary support

To highlight the transformative nature of employee ownership and ensure the success of a plan, the support efforts of beneficiaries are crucial. It must be continuous over the duration of the plan and integrate the personal dimension of the beneficiary.

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