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Evaluate your needs and those of your employees

Depending on the means implemented and the experience of your employees in terms of employee share ownership and the maturity of the plan, your support needs are different.
We offer you to carry out for free an assessment of the needs of the employees at each important step of the plan: attribution, vesting, communication on the value of the security, liquidity event...

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Simplification of interactions

Attribution, signing of legal documents, communications on the plan, integration into the HRIS are all administrative tasks that you can simplify to save time and avoid friction.

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Best Practices

We have solid experience in setting up shareholding plans, and regularly assist companies in setting up their share ownership plans. Ask us!

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We help companies implement the best practices for deploying share ownership plans. Evaluate your progress margin and compare yourself with your peers to make your beneficiaries your most committed employees.

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Training of your employees

Your beneficiaries of employee share ownership plans must understand the mechanisms and characteristics of their plan if you want them to project and appreciate their transformative character.
We assist companies upstream of the allocation and up to the liquidity events to allow your employees to master the issues of their plan.

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Access to the Kaishen platform

Thanks to his/her Kaishen personal account, each of your employees has a complete vision of his employee share ownership plan by integrating his personal context (marital status, ...).

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