We believe modern wealth management requires human expertise
augmented by the algorithms capabilities.

Supervise your assets

Aggregate all your assets: financial (equity plan, life insurance, saving accounts, etc.), companies (holding, equity stake, etc.), movables (works of art, valuable furniture, etc.), real estate (apartments, cottage, forest, etc.) and immaterial (patents, copyrights, etc.)

Supervise my assets

Visualize your wealth

Be aware of your wealth allocation, not just financial. For the first time, you have a complete and synthetic representation of all your assets per family of assets.

Visualize my wealth

Support complexity

At every moment, you know the net value of your wealth and its evolution, taking into account indirect holdings, dismemberments and debts. Based on simplexity, the interface handles simple situations, up the highest level of complexity, depending on what you need.

Valuate my assets

Don't miss valuable opportunities

By activating notifications you receive heads-up about your assets. You are instantly aware of the latest updates and receive personalized opportunities.

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Master your decisions

Get recommendations that correspond to your situation, the assets you hold and the topics that interest you. Life is made of opportunities: let yourself be guided by your intentions and visualize their impacts on your wealth.

Review my recommendations

Release your projects

Administrative tasks are time consuming, tedious but unavoidable. Entrust to the wealth concierge the execution and the follow-up of your operations. You define the right moment: our teams call you back to carry out your projects.

Ask the concierge

Easily find your documents

In your secure area, link your assets to your important documents: invoices, contracts, vesting letters, equity plans, etc. Thus organized, they will be easily sharable with your advisors.

Manage my documents

Simulate the impacts of your operations

You simulate wealth transactions and instantly know the tax impact in your personal situation.

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