Comprehensive, realtime, predictive with hybrid approach of wealth management.


We believe modern wealth management requires an hybrid approach: mix of robo-advisory capabilities and human powered conciergerie.

Assets Supervision

We monitor all your financial and non-financial assets. We keep track of valuation evolution and proactively highlight your better wealth contributor asset.

Robo-driven Recommendations

Our robo-engine permanently tracks your asset portfolio and generates on-purpose recommendations. You simply declare assets, express goals and interets and we generate qualified and quantified recommendations at the right time.


We provide financial and wealth conciergerie to all our customers. We provide direct access to our Wealth managers and financial engineering experts through email, phone and in-person meetings.

"Haute-Couture" Advisory

We consider each customer is unique, and work hard to support the singularity of every situation. We provide highly personalized services and recommendations on a long run.

Broker Capabilities

We are organized, accredited to execute your custom wealth management strategy. Kaishen has broker capabilities for life/non-life insurance products, banking services and investment products. We ensure your plan to be executed frictionless..

Always-On platform

We provide you the access to our always-on platform so you can update your situation at your own pace, ask for support through conciergerie, run simulations and what if scenarios.

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Meaningful Investments

Decide to invest in meaningful initiatives or sectors (ie Electric Car Domination, AIDS wipe out, etc.) - we suggest asset allocation scenarios.

Start with Your Goals

We select investment and/or insurance products to achieve your goals, based on multiple criteria. Not the opposite.

Entrepreneur Friendly

As many entrepreneurs face specific wealth management situations, they usually find with our platform some unparalleled way to address their challenges.

Financial and Non-Financial assets

We naturally integrate financial assets and real estate assets - we also consider you are unique. Kaishen embeds valuation algorithms to monitor non-financial assets: arts, cars, boats, collectibles, etc.

Long Term Advisory: the right time

Wealth management is not a one stop trip. We identify situations and opportunities, we advise you to trigger the right actions the right time. Sometimes our advice is to wait. It's unusual -but sometimes your interest.

Personalized recommendations

Our robo-driven recommendations engine provides each of our customer with a set of tailored options supporting various goals: diversified investments, wealth transmission options and tax optimization scenarios.


Wealth management practice meets technology

We aim at providing a full scope wealth management solution, embracing sophistication and simplicity. As a team, we gather experience in various fields encompassing technology, financial services, entrepreneurship and wealth management.

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